Our Origin

Necessity is the Mother of Discovery.

How difficult can it be to find a cold-pressed oil that serves your needs, comes from a reliable brand, and syncs with your value system? Before Olixir, finding such attributes was like finding a needle in a haystack. And the need was felt by a team of ambitious professionals at the House of N.K. Proteins.

The team had been looking for cold-pressed oils that would stand by its standards of authenticity, exclusivity, and luxury. As it looked outward, it discovered that it was not the only one with these needs. A large set of consumers had set out to find cold-pressed oils that were ethically sourced and delivered with a value-system that matched theirs but ended with disappointment.

Hence, paired with the intent to locate the best form of cold-pressed oils, a seasoned understanding of the industry, and access to the finest human capital available at the House of N. K. Proteins, the team created an oil that served as an elixir – Olixir.


Dreamers. Aficionados. Professionals.

This band of ambitious aficionados was crazy enough to dream of a brand that stands strong on its virtues and delivers value with every drop of oil in the packaging. Today, it has become a family of professionals working round the clock for crafting Olixir and bringing it straight to the palettes & plates of consumers from the laps of nature.

Priyanshi Patel, Founder and Managing Director

Priyanshi is a second-generation entrepreneur with an eye for detail, inspiring work-ethics, and proven record of recognizing & fulfilling latent needs in even the most diverse markets. In one of her recent roles, she headed a globally-recognized brand in South East Asia as its Vice President and added a new chapter of growth to its trajectory.

She firmly believes in customer-centricity and human capital as the two foundations for spearheading growth and creating brands that stand the test of time. Priyanshi prefers winding down by sharpening her creative expression with cinema, arts, photography, and reading books.

As a young leader, she envisions a world where the delicate purity of natural ingredients, augmented by human creativity, will unveil a new era of symbiosis between taste, sensory experiences, and healthy lives.

Community Development & Leadership

1. Managing Trustee, Karma Foundation
2. First female President & Area Director, Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Gujarat Chapter
3. First female Chairperson of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Youth Wing.

Awards & Accolades

1. Globoil Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013
2. Glory of Gujarat Title
3. Bharat Ki Lakshmi Title, conferred by the Government of India

Our Value System

Exclusivity, Luxury, and Authenticity

Our Value System rests on the foundations of Authenticity, Luxury, and Exclusivity, which permeate through every function at Olixir.

  • Human Capital: Our team consists of people who bring their authentic self to work, have the luxury of pursuing their passion for cold-pressed oils, and are skilled in their craft to an extent where their work-product is exclusive.
  • Customer Experience: We ensure that at every touchpoint, our consumers experience true luxury in the form of attention to detail. They get the authenticity of natural oils and are getting only the most exclusive forms of cold-pressed oils available in the market.
  • Delivery Excellence: Our digital platform and in-person experiences are designed with absolute symmetry, delivering the same luxury experience of consuming authentic and natural ingredients, paired with the exclusivity that can be sensed in each drop of our offerings.
  • Design Practices: All the designs embodying our products, their merchandising in the stores, and our communication across channels will always carry the authenticity of our story, reverence for the exclusivity we are offering, and luxurious layouts that keep only the finest elements in the final outputs.

Exemplifying Authenticity, Exclusivity, and Luxury With OO Experiences.

For every philosophy worth pursuing, there has to be a set of operational practices that allow tangible translation of the stipulated principles. OO Experiences is the Olixir team’s brainchild, devised to exemplify the authenticity, exclusivity, and luxury the brand stands for, across channels:
  • Olixir Communities: Providing personalized and engaging stories around the Olixir Oils and the concept of the Principles for a Fulfilling Life.
  • Retail Experience: Deploying immersive design, technology, and tools to provide the most authentic experience of discovering cold-pressed oils.
  • Design & Packaging Philosophy: Each Olixir offering will carry the authentic origin story of the cold-pressed oil, a note from the Founder’s Desk, and an expert-curated guide on how to use the oil.
  • Olixir Scrolls: Updates, opinions, stories, and a lot more – updated frequently to disseminate knowledge on cold-pressed oils and everything we are doing at Olixir!


To lead the world with luxurious, authentic, and exclusive experiences delivered with offerings that protect and nourish the purity of their natural elements.


To become the preferred choice for people seeking pure, exclusive, and wholesome experiences of consuming cold-pressed oils.

The Olixir Commandments

Principles for an Authentic, Luxurious, and Exclusive Life.

Olixir Commandments are our principles for life that also dictate the processes, purpose, and design at Olixir.

  • Bring your authentic self to the world.
  • Be mindful of and pay immaculate attention to details in everything you undertake.
  • Focus on only that which matters.
  • Appreciate the natural design of the world and the achievements of human craftsmanship in it.
  • Purity is the unfiltered, unprocessed, untainted form of truth. Maintain it, and you shall experience what is true nature

Cold-Pressed: The Promise of Absolute Care.

Our family of offerings bring out the best of cold-pressed and deliver it to you in a crafted experience of luxury:

Cold Pressed Oils: Purity of Elements Added to Your Culinary Experience.

Beauty Oils: Bringing Out Your Authentic Lustre.

Gourmet Oils: Enhancing the Pleasure of Cooking & Consuming.

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