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The Olixir Story

A merry band of dreamers sat around a table and had a hearty discussion on how they never found the perfect, reliable, and wholesome cold-pressed oil. To the dreamers, this was yet another dream waiting to surface into reality. And hence, from the House of N. K. Proteins, was born the idea of an Olixir – the fluidic brilliance of oil transformed into an elixir.

Today, the very identity of Olixir carefully imbibed on the casing of Cold-Pressed, Gourmet, and Beauty Oils, stands for authenticity, purity, and a promise of a healthier tomorrow.

OO Experiences

The cold-pressed philosophy extends beyond being an industrial process. It is a way of interacting, processing, and even designing. To bring out the authenticity, luxury, and exclusivity of what lies beneath – is the goal of OO Experiences.

It is the intangible but essential operating philosophy that guides the design and packaging efforts that go into crafting each bottle of Olixir. It surfaces in every interaction you will have with Olixir – on social media, the Olixir Scrolls, and the Olixir Communities. You will find it in the OO Show just as much as you find it in the retail outlets providing the authentic Olixir offerings.

Driven by Principles

Since we are not obliged by the rules of everyday manufacturing to bring additives into our cold-pressed oils, we have crafted a set of principles that shall make the taste of each droplet of Olixir today taste exactly the way it will taste a century from now.

Eyes Deserve the Truth

Olixir comes without any added colours, chemicals, or enhancers. Your eyes see truth in its absolute form.

Tongue Knows Honesty

Olixir stands only for the taste of its raw and cold-pressed ingredients. Your tongue shall have a treat of honesty every time it meets a droplet of Olixir.

Driven by a Concert of Fragrances

No drop of Olixir will ever carry a synthetic fragrance. Between the naturally muted but slowly enhancing fragrances of Olixir, your senses will be left mesmerized.

Each Drop is an Experience

Each bottle of Olixir will tell the story of the dreamers who conceptualized it, the enthusiasts who sourced it, and the patrons who acquire it. The design shall reflect these values.

From the Hands of Master Craftsmen

In the due process of bringing the best droplet of Olixir in every bottle, we will make sure we are surrounded by the finest, most hard-working, and ambitious people who will keep growing the idea of Olixir.

Words of


Every syllable of confidence rings like an echo in the ears of every team-member at Olixir. We feel elated in sharing it – your words, our pride.
Olixir for All

Recipes & More

A treasure trove of everything you can do with a bottle of Olixir awaits you at the end of this sentence.

The Olixir Scrolls

For the love of cold-pressed oils and everything they resemble, from the House of Olixir, we bring to your stories, updates, and a lot more. Your senses are up for a magnanimous treat!

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