Raw Essence of Nature in a Bottle.

Nature is enriched with resources that carry magnificent salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami flavours. Cold-Pressing is a meticulous approach that ensures the richness of natural foods reaches your senses and unlocks benefits for your holistic health.

Olixir has perfected the craftsmanship that goes into running a cold-press process. Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and taste, Olixir Oils exemplify the adage – less is more. Devoid of chemicals and pesticides, Olixir brings the raw essence of nature as a gift for your palate. Set yourself on a journey of healthier, fulfilling, and tastier life experiences with Olixir Oils.

Gourmet Oils.

The best recipe for your next delicacy is only a Google search away. But how do you make it special and add a signature taste to it? Olixir Gourmet Oils do that for you with a spoonful of magic. Experience the sublime fragrance of nature’s purity emerging from the preserved taste of ingredients crafted to enrich all your recipes.

Cold-Pressed Oils.

Everything required to support a fulfilling life is already available in the laps of nature. Olixir Cold-Pressed Oils stand by that principle and bring the pure essence of each raw ingredient to your palate. Having a healthy and fulfilling culinary experience has never been so easy!

Beauty Oils.

All the beauty you desire already resides in you. Olixir Beauty Oils ensure the impediments standing in its way are skilfully removed, giving you a stunning and honest look of the beauty you already possess.

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We crafted them with love. You showered them with some more! These are the most loved Olixir Oils.


Authentic & Exclusive Updates from the World of Cold-Pressed Oils, Crafted with Luxury and Delivered to Your Inbox.

The world of cold-pressed oils is surfacing to the collective consciousness of people seeking a more fulfilling life. We are consistently working with researchers, craftsmen, and experts from the field to bring you the most authentic updates on how cold-pressed oils can enrich your life.

Like all our offerings – we promise no unnecessary additions and spams. Just the purity of cold-pressed oils!

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