Priyanshi Patel, Founder and Managing Director

Over the last few decades, Priyanshi Patel has been the flagbearer of the legacy of the Tirupati Oil brand and has established herself as a bottom-up leader who can assemble, direct, and lead teams to attain boundless results.

In the recent past, she lead a globally-recognized organization in South East Asia by spearheading its marketing efforts and adding a new chapter of growth in its history. Her work was honoured with the Globoil Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013. Her leadership has been awarded responsibilities that reflect in her progression to be the first female President and Area Director of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Gujarat Chapter. She is also the first female Chairperson of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Youth Wing.

Priyanshi firmly believes in discovering and innovatively fulfilling apparent, inherent, and latent customer needs. With these values at the centre of her decision-making process, she synthesizes the most complex market dynamics into the most accessible mission statements that drive human capital, investments, and brand trajectories.

She is a multifaceted individual and immerses herself in reading, arts, cinema, and photography when her schedule permits. Even while winding down, she expands her horizons, sharpens her creative expression, and perfects her observation skills to become a better leader when she returns to work.

Priyanshi is an active proponent of investing in community development. As the Managing Trustee of the Karma Foundation, she exercises her calling to produce value for the greater good by helping the non-profit uplift the younger populace with skill development & self-actualization programs. Her immense efforts have been recognized by the government bodies that have awarded her with titles like Glory of Gujarat and Bharat ki Lakshmi, a title she was conferred upon by the Government of India.

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