Enrich Your Food’s Journey from the Kitchen to the Plate.

Cold-Pressed oils enact the role of a guardian of taste, wholesomeness, and authenticity for your food. You get only the best of what is available in nature with cold-pressed oils – the taste, the fragrance, and the sheen.

Olixir Cold-Pressed Oils transform cooking into an experience. Every time you open a bottle of the rich Olixir Oils, you are treated with the seasoned aroma of coconut, olive, and a whole bouquet of flavours right from the laps of nature. These flavours are untouched to keep the honest flavours intact and curated by the hands of masterful craftsmen to enrich your kitchen and dining experiences.

Modern processes and absolute adherence to the cold-pressed philosophy have pushed the bar of available oils that stand tall on the values of authenticity, luxury, and exclusivity. You can now enjoy a whole range of flavours that suit your palate, delicacies, and preferences.

The Magic of Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are more complex and magnificent than the other families of oils used in cooking. They cover a whole range of low and high melting points that ensure there is a perfect cold-pressed oil to match the needs of your delicacies, recipes, and taste profiles.

The Olixir family of Cold-Pressed Oils brings to you the most fascinating range of flavours that come with benefits for your health:

  • Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil: It is rich in medium-fatty acids that help your body control the essential good cholesterol.
  • Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil: Showcasing the diversity in the same family of cold-pressed oils, Walnut Oils have a low smoking point which makes them the perfect fit as blending agents & salad dressing add-ons.
  • Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil: Providing a beautiful contrast to other oils in the category, Avocado Oils have a high smoking temperature making them the preferred companion for your delicacies that require pan-roasting, grilling, or even deep-frying.

Cold-Pressed Delicacies

The rich flavour and diversity among cold-pressed oils mean that you can choose the right oil for your recipes and give them a distinguishable character.

Make Salads that Become a Talk of Your Social Gatherings

Whoever said health and taste do not go hand in hand has not tried a salad perfectly dressed with cold-pressed oil. The Olixir Cold-Pressed Oil will make sure your salads become the theme of conversation in your social gatherings

Generate Curiosity with Your Homemade Energy Bars

Energy bars require nutritional ingredients, lots of love, and a great blending agent. The Olixir Oil gives you the needed rich taste and strong blending qualities, while you can supply the rest to your homemade energy bars!

Make Those French Fries All the More Amazing

Want Fries that complement your appetizers without the guilt? Use the Any flavour of Olixir Cold-Pressed Oil for your fries and create the balance of health & taste in your kitchen.

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