The World of Olixir Beauty Oils

Hair Care: The Olixir Hair Care Oils make sure all the problems you face with your hair are solved from the roots. Use the Nourishing Oil to keep your hair healthy or support their growth with the Growth Booster Oil. You can also enhance your hair-hygiene with the Dandruff Control Oil and keep your crown pleasantly full with the Hair-Fall Control Oil.

Face and Dental Care: Use the face oil to bring out the sheen hiding right beneath the surface. Make your eyebrows the embellishments of your face with the Eyebrow Oil and bring out your eyes’ purest expression with the Eyelash Oil. Use Oil Pulling oil to make sure your smiles are always inspiring those around you.

Body and Nail Care: Olixir Body Oil, Mom Oil, and Nail Oil provide the necessary nourishment and lustre, helping you shine in your purest form.