Hair Oil


The Only Things You Leave Behind
Would Be the Smiling Faces and Your Scent.

Each social gathering is an event for showcasing our best selves. Olixir Hair-Fall Control Oil ensures that when we leave such social circles, the only things we leave behind are smiling faces, not hair strands. With deep nourishment for the roots and sheen for the strand, your hair will be thankful with each drop of Olixir!

  • 100% Pure
  • Paraben-Free
  • Good for 36 Months from the Date of Manufacturing

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Works at the Root Level Adds Sheen Provides Nourishment
Stop hair-fall at the root level by providing necessary nutrition to the pores and roots. The oil adds a noticeable layer of natural lustre to your hair. While preventing hair-fall, the oil provides soothing nourishment to your scalp.

Avoid the Loss of Your Loved Hair, With Olixir and Regular Care.

Olixir Hair-Fall Control Oil. To make sure your beloved hair stays with you and just you.
Where Can You Use: Use the oil for thorough hair-care to ensure that you experience no unhealthy hair-fall.
  • Massaging
  • Regular Use
  • Works with Styling Products


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